Ayanagar, Delhi

AIDI started child education centers in Ayanagar, Delhi very close to Gurgaon, Haryana, the largest hub of people who work as daily laborers and construction sites. Most of the people are migrants from the state of West Bengal, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh and since they are a migrating population the children were not getting educational platform neither formally nor informally. By recognizing the need for the children to be educated AIDI started a non-formal education center at the Ayanagar community and have been running from April 2014 onwards and still going successfully. The organization is now grown from having 5 children to educating more than 16 children and also taking care of their nutrition by providing snacks and meal per day. And the great success for AIDI is to make access to education for children who are not enrolled in any school. In the future, AIDI aims to expand the scope of education services to other communities to help combat the major issues facing children of the country on every states.