Public Health Initiatives

As a basic intervention, essential curative and preventive health care programmes started by Agency for Integrated Development Initiatives’ (AIDs) in one of the most needed and vulnerable slum of Uttar Pradesh (UP) Noida Sector 10 and Miyapur, one of the village in Andhra Pradesh (AP), South India. The Sector 10 Noida  and Miyapur are kind of that place where large chunks of population are settled in a limited geographical boundary space with very minimal access to resources, both public and private. The organization (AIDI) have choose this area for its primary intervention with the Public Health programmes in the form of Community Health Camps after conducting a baseline survey with informal interaction and observation as the methods to measure and analyze the needs of the population settled in the area. This rapport with the community led the organization to understand some peripheral information about the health status, curative and preventive needs of the population settled in the area, special care need of the people like child health care, adolescents health needs, old age care and needs, communicable diseases, non-communicable diseases or life style diseases and the needs for hygiene and community health services.